pushed to rush

I am in a rush.

My destination: unknown.

Who am I rushing to meet? What am I rushing to do?

I am not sure.

But I am in a rush.


The little gestures which I have decided, after careful thought, to do are foregone and put to the wayside. The characteristics which make up my person and set me apart from other individuals, I have tossed aside, letting myself be swept away by the cultural current that all are subjected to, but few are able to swim against. Trading away my own self, for a self that is rented from society’s Great Library of Cultural Stereotypes.

They are inconvenient. They would be awkward. They would break ‘the flow’ of things. Things had to go in a certain way, conform to a certain order, and fit into a certain mold; this would break it.

How could I let it?

Gradually, we shed the little intentions in our lives that divide us from each other.

Don’t stand out; follow the pace set by society.
Don’t seek outs; they all inevitably end in misery.

Tick like clockwork.

(Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.)

To the metronome that has been set.

(Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.)

A rhythm you shall not forget.

(Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.)

Don’t say another word.

Over here, we have a puzzle that needs completing.
As you can see, these are the shapes of the pieces that are needed.

You do not quite seem to fit the bill.

But I’m sure we could… persuade you to make some little changes.
Not just for our benefit, but for yours as well.

Or would you rather be the piece left out on the side?

I think not.

Stub yourself, squeeze those jagged edges – use force if you have to – and fit into the puzzle.

You might break a bone here and there, but hey.

At least you fit in now.


Move along. Keep walking. Come on now.

Keep your head straight; keep moving.

Why do you struggle against the current?
Is the futility not apparent?

Why are you stopping for?

What is there to stop for?

Who are you waiting for?

There is nothing.

Carry on. Let’s go now.

I refuse.


contra mundum

doves are in yonder flight; ante bellum,
the good often die young; we keep vigil.

life can never escape death; memento mori.
even the highest peaks despair; the skies higher still.

the world is not ours to inherit; dust off our feet.
there is nothing to be mourned, fait accompli.

but even as the river flows, unstoppable,
we walk against the clock, contra mundum.

Conceived because I was fascinated by some Latin / French words.

Christians may notice some gospel-inspired lines. Hehe.

ante bellum = before the war
memento mori = remember everyone dies
fait accompli = what has been done cannot be changed
contra mundum = against the world