the frog and the bird

Hey buddy, do you mind?!
Why are you jumping up and

down non-stop anyway?

I met a really beautiful Cardinal recently,
she’s a Painted Bunting.

And what does that have to do
with you jumping around?

Birds live in the sky.

… And we frogs live in the pond?
What’s your point, buddy?

We don’t in the same habitat.
I asked her if she would meet
me on land, but she refused.

She said she was uncomfortable
leaving her habitat of the sky.

So I was thinking…

‘Maybe one day I will be able to jump as high as she flies.’

Note: in reality, only the male Painted Buntings are considered beautiful; sexual dimorphism is prevalent in birds, and the males are usually more colourful and vibrant than their female counterparts.


ah beng tries to be poetic and pick up a girl

‘Ah Beng’: (pronounced: ‘ah bayng’) a term usually used to describe males of chinese descent who lacks cultural refinement and speaks poor English.

Your face make me want say Hi.
My name is Lai, it rhymes with fly.

To his dismay, the girl, with her sharp wits, retorts:
‘You know what else rhymes with fly? Bye.’

Not to be disheartened, Lai proceeds to ‘repick’:

Please no say bye,
My heart will die,
Blood will run dry,
Love was made for U N I.

Impressed, the girl allows Lai to sit beside her and they strike up a conversation.

Doesn’t matter how Beng you are as long as you have a big heart. OHOHOHO.

ignorance is bliss

and so it ended.
what was once the dragon
now frozen in place as a mountain.
its wings spread but incapable of flight.
its fangs bared but what could a statue bite?
its jaws locked in place, letting out a mighty roar;
a fearsome, inaudible roar.
nothing but a relic of the past.

commoners, they waddle along with their common lives;
tending to crops, feeding livestock and counting sheep.
they traverse the valley of yesteryear’s wars,
unaware of the past, unconcerned for the future.
lying on their backs,
watching the mountains from their wagons,
they were full of laughter and with reckless abandon;
blind to the underlying strife, deaf to the calls for caution.
life was peaceful, life was hopeful.
optimism absent from years gone by
was flowing freely and spiritedly in the air.
reality was good.

but what if…
just what if, this was the dream and reality was chaos?
could another war be on the horizon?
is this peace merely an ephemeral illusion?
how long til the dragon thaws and the villages once again burn?
perhaps these thoughts were always on their minds,
but on the surface no one cared;
they were content.

ignorance is bliss.