the other side of the tree


i googled,‘背对背’。


i know not what you’re going through, or how to help you,
but i hope my little joys will yet draw a smile from you or two.





i googled: ‘eye art’


i’ve been sleeping for so long now, and still i desire to sleep.
please do not wake me! do not wake me; i’ll weep!
how does one go from slumber so deep
to a reality nowhere near as sweet;
a reality from which there is no escape –
a reality that we must keep?

these could be great years
or they could grate your ears.
(years later, just as you feared.)
you do your best to keep on wondering,
but closer and closer it creeps.
so maybe it’s time you put a little more ‘heart’
into your incessant pondering,
and ask yourself without cringing:
how much longer can you sleep?