heart beats fast

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you said i walk too slow,
could not keep up with you.
you said i move too slow
how could you be with me?

but my heart beats fast.
when i am with you,
when i think about you,

my heart beats fast.
it’s a chasing jet,
has it caught up yet?

my heart beats fast.
i was sure we’d last,
be together til our last,

but my heart beats fast;
why won’t my feet move fast?

i just imagined a reversal of Angus & Julia Stone’s ‘Heart Beats Slow’.



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learn to say the same things;
let us hold fast to saying the same things.

‘i hope all is well with you!’
‘i wish the best for you!’
‘even if no one is around we’re always with you.’

sometimes in our nights we’d say things
that we really did mean;
yet when morning comes,
things don’t turn out the way we dreamed.

come on, say the same things!
let’s just keep on saying those same things!

‘remember the things that we’d do?’
‘all of the silly things in our youths!’
no one is around, who am i talking to?

i’m just a clown; are you amused?

Heavily inspired by Cat Power’s ‘Say’.

a buoy in the ocean

There has never been a gathering that did not end with dispersion.

People who are gathered by similar circumstances will ultimately move on as times change.

They’ll find their families and they’ll find their homes.

And you can’t expect them to still want to spend the most important days on the calendar with the group no more.

Those days will be spent accompanying the most important people in their lives.

And you’d do the same when you finally stop being a vagrant.