ghost of a muse

it’s a pity,
this weather with this city.
what a mismatch,
her beauty’s got a catch.

the sun is setting,
was it ever rising?
you were way up there,
but you were never here.
where it mattered the most;
you’re just a ghost.

if this were a wedding,
that would be no ring.
if you are my muse,
then why do you refuse…?



why art thou so lovely?
thy lips, thy smile;
they art so enticing.

thy enchantment withstands,
in spite of my defence.
despite my pretence,
a glance, and my heartbeat suspends.

why art thou so lovely?
thy thoughts, thy sentiments;
my mind never ceases wondering.

be yourself

be yourself,
cause no one’s gonna live for you.
be yourself,
cause someone’s out there looking for you.

it’s infinitely better than imploding within.
it heals your soul when it is wearing thin.

no one truly wants to be lonely.
let yourself out for the world to see.

be yourself,
because you have your own value.
be yourself,
because the world wants to see you.