let’s (not) burn together


i googled, ‘hand from fire’.

in the garden were placed pillars of flames,
and each flame made the last one appear tame.
one by one i believed they would consume me;
and so conjured a lie in foolish pyromancy –

‘perhaps it is my fate to embrace this blazing sea.’

but you in mercy unbeknownst extinguished them all.
and as i thrashed about lamenting my pain,
you ensured that not even an ember remained.

you set above me a long, healing rain,
and saw this feeble wretch retained.

now older, wiser, and mature,
i thank you.




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if from this road i ever this stray,

would you be out there searching for me?

would it be a brilliant warming ray,

or a weeping downcast over me?


silly boy, wherever you go there i’ll be.

it may take a while, but i will find you.

when you’re lost, i’ll help you find your way.

even if you lose it all, we’ll just start anew.

and when you grow old and your hairs turn gray,

look beside you;

unfailingly, there i’ll be.


I’m gonna experiment with an ‘Author’s Interpretation’ section following my poems. They will be in white font, so you’ll need to highlight them to see.

Please give me some feedback as to whether it’s helpful!



The spark that set off this poem was the first line from Angus & Julia Stone’s ‘Get Home’:

If I ever, ever did stray
Would you come back
Come back to me?

I imagined a scenario where a man stands at (figurative) crossroads, where any decision he makes (and he must make one) will have huge repercussions on his life. He muses whether his adored one would follow him, or if the path is one he must walk alone. The rest should be pretty straightforward. :B


p/s: you may also request for me to write an Author’s Interpretation (AI) for any of my previous works.


Art by Paul Benett

Art by Paul Benett

restless; heaving; i’ve wandered in search for solace.
a special place reserved for me alone by fate.
memphis, athens; the ancient cities of poems.
peter, sophia; their hallowed sites and domes,
i greeted them enthralled,
yet depart from them unawed.

forgive me talitha; i have made you wait.
the love of my life, my lady of grace,
i ask of you, will you be my home?

Was talking to a few friends over dinner and marriage came up as a topic. How early should it come to mind in a relationship? We had differing views.

One friend discussed it early while another had not despite many years of dating. Personally, I’ve thought it (or at least the possibility) as something preliminary to a serious relationship. .___.

heart beats fast

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you said i walk too slow,
could not keep up with you.
you said i move too slow
how could you be with me?

but my heart beats fast.
when i am with you,
when i think about you,

my heart beats fast.
it’s a chasing jet,
has it caught up yet?

my heart beats fast.
i was sure we’d last,
be together til our last,

but my heart beats fast;
why won’t my feet move fast?

i just imagined a reversal of Angus & Julia Stone’s ‘Heart Beats Slow’.

el diar

april, may, it’s now the month of june.

weeks, days, and you’re about to leave soon.

the maple leaves of autumn are a sight to behold.

and when winter comes, your ears are going to get cold.

when you wander my mind in my night.

would i visit your thoughts in daylight?

as this daunting journey tests our hearts,

i pray we’re away but not apart.


This one is for all of you who are suffering the treacherous path of el diar. 😦

And when one side falls away, may the other please pull them back.

If you hold hands and tread carefully, you can make it!!! 😀

…(L D R)

haiku 1

Art by Marshu

Art by Marshu @ deviantart

our backs on moist grass

as clouds scattered that quiet night-

the cosmos smiled back.

I’ve never written a haiku before so I’d appreciate any feedback.

I have read a few articles on writing one and so far I gathered the following characteristics:

i) Juxtaposition of two ideas;

ii) Separated by a cutting word (kireji);

iii) If possible, include a seasonal word (kigo);

iv) Use sensory language – show what you saw, instead of telling what you feel;

v) Capable of being expressed in one breath.

vi) Typically in a 5-7-5 syllable format.

And… I’ve tried to incorporate them as best as I could. Still feels lacking though. 😦

p/s: for those who are curious, the art is based on an anime called Bakemonogatari, one of my favourites! Those who appreciate witty dialogue and smart wordplay will appreciate it! 🙂