fly me to the moon


i googled ‘fly with the moon’.


why do you do this in such a roundabout way?  
it’s not like we haven’t already met, 
so why didn’t you just give it to me face to face?

have you heard the story about icarus?
in his excited stupor, he soared into hubris
as he flew too close to the sun.

his wings melted and he fell,
despairing as he perished;
i’m really happy to have met you,
but i don’t want to fly to my sun,
too carelessly, too closely, too soon, 

and risk suffering the same fate.


the frog and the bird

Hey buddy, do you mind?!
Why are you jumping up and

down non-stop anyway?

I met a really beautiful Cardinal recently,
she’s a Painted Bunting.

And what does that have to do
with you jumping around?

Birds live in the sky.

… And we frogs live in the pond?
What’s your point, buddy?

We don’t in the same habitat.
I asked her if she would meet
me on land, but she refused.

She said she was uncomfortable
leaving her habitat of the sky.

So I was thinking…

‘Maybe one day I will be able to jump as high as she flies.’

Note: in reality, only the male Painted Buntings are considered beautiful; sexual dimorphism is prevalent in birds, and the males are usually more colourful and vibrant than their female counterparts.

ebony and ivory

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i once knew a boy who lived in fear
of a beast that laid sleeping so near.
with a roar it brought many men to cheers,
and with a howl it brought them all back to tears.
he pondered about it, year on year,
why its black and white were to many so dear?

‘today’, he said, ‘i will find out here.’
mustered his courage, drew close to hear.
to his surprise, there was nothing to fear:
it wasn’t snarling; it was singing;
it was a new friend who had been waiting.

‘Weeping’ by Josh Groban + an ode to my piano. Heh. 🙂

the summer days (are over)

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Been working on this one for a while.
It’s kind of a sequel / rewrite of an older post I made long ago:

it was summer where i lived.

sometimes, the heat got unbearable,
and i’d lament the departed spring breeze.
still, i was glad to have found you, summer;
to have found comfort in warmth so tangible.

from sleep i’d wake to your jolting tidings.
often mischievous, but always hearty;
you were a radiant light of life.
i’d wake with a spring in my step.
for a season in the sun, i had wings.

you always found ways to make my forlorn heart sing.

but seasons come and seasons go;
summer came and summer went.

i bathed myself in the shivering cold.
there were no tears on my face; only snow.
the familiar whispers of the winter winds
caressed me with a different kind of comfort;
the kind i was used to.

summer comes and summer goes;
‘are you real or are you a ghost?’

i wondered and wondered for days on end,
picking at a wound which i knew would not mend.

summer had always existed only in my heart;
and i only built a snowman as i dreamt.

but even then,
summer was a season where i grew,
a season where i learnt;
a happy season of my life.

in my youth i dreamt of you as wife,
today i resolve to cut you from my life.
there’s still a faint summer’s warmth where i live,
but this time, i think i’m ready to leave.

so i thank you,
for the time we talked on the roof,
and for being the summer of my youth.



enter sendmend


could it be?

the foundation of rock firmly laid on land
were actually pillars and pillars of sand?

for i am a lesser man,
i cannot do what my Lord can.
and now that i am down to my last,
i see olive branches are hard to extend.
we will all have to go where we must;
so now, the last die has been cast.

all things go from dust to dust;
will we last, or will we rust?

what a pun.

huehuehuehue. :B

^ is actually quite proud he thought of ‘enter’, ‘send’, and ‘mend’; that is, pressing enter to send a message that would (hopefully) mend the relationship.