a buoy in the ocean

There has never been a gathering that did not end with dispersion.

People who are gathered by similar circumstances will ultimately move on as times change.

They’ll find their families and they’ll find their homes.

And you can’t expect them to still want to spend the most important days on the calendar with the group no more.

Those days will be spent accompanying the most important people in their lives.

And you’d do the same when you finally stop being a vagrant.


contra mundum

doves are in yonder flight; ante bellum,
the good often die young; we keep vigil.

life can never escape death; memento mori.
even the highest peaks despair; the skies higher still.

the world is not ours to inherit; dust off our feet.
there is nothing to be mourned, fait accompli.

but even as the river flows, unstoppable,
we walk against the clock, contra mundum.

Conceived because I was fascinated by some Latin / French words.

Christians may notice some gospel-inspired lines. Hehe.

ante bellum = before the war
memento mori = remember everyone dies
fait accompli = what has been done cannot be changed
contra mundum = against the world

be yourself

be yourself,
cause no one’s gonna live for you.
be yourself,
cause someone’s out there looking for you.

it’s infinitely better than imploding within.
it heals your soul when it is wearing thin.

no one truly wants to be lonely.
let yourself out for the world to see.

be yourself,
because you have your own value.
be yourself,
because the world wants to see you.