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learn to say the same things;
let us hold fast to saying the same things.

‘i hope all is well with you!’
‘i wish the best for you!’
‘even if no one is around we’re always with you.’

sometimes in our nights we’d say things
that we really did mean;
yet when morning comes,
things don’t turn out the way we dreamed.

come on, say the same things!
let’s just keep on saying those same things!

‘remember the things that we’d do?’
‘all of the silly things in our youths!’
no one is around, who am i talking to?

i’m just a clown; are you amused?

Heavily inspired by Cat Power’s ‘Say’.


some ‘guide to being upset’ i saw on another webpage

Few moments ago I read something quite amusing ahahahah!

Ever had that itch to post something on social media but decided not to because people will prod and pester you? Ever had the itch to post some really emo (but really cool) thoughts but decided not to because you worry that others will worry (lol) incessantly? I know there are some of you out there, oh yes I do. You may think that ‘no one truly understands me’ or that ‘no one would really care about me’ but I am here to tell you otherwise – I’m just like that too.

Fear not! Here’s a guide to writing emo stuff on social media and not look too suspicious:

So.. To do so you will need first and foremost, the content. To be honest, it’s really up to you what you wanna write (hey, it is your life after all, so… wadevs you like, right?), the only requirement is that it sounds really emo, and it would be even better if it rhymes and makes you sound like a very vulnerable and layered soul. For this example let’s just use err.. this:

Put me in my place,
So I can snap out of this daze.
Cut me down to size,
So I can stop feeding me lies.

… Seems legit don’t it?

And then you just dress it up real nice to deflect attention. There are a few ways to do this, but today I’ll just talk about probably the most common way to do this – make it sound like it’s not really you who is expressing that view. Give them the illusion that what you post is merely a quote, or a repost of something you found interesting or worth pondering about – AND NOT WHAT YOU ARE PERSONALLY THINKING. THIS INGREDIENT IS ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to protect yourself from the annoying prods that you don’t wanna get.

But hey, you secretly do kinda want it don’t you? See, I understand you so well!

NEVERTHELESS, maintain the facadeeeee! You can’t let them knowwww! Don’t let them in… don’t let them see… Be the good gir- Okay sorry I digressed.

DON’T let it go. Whenever they ask you, ‘hey hon, saw your post on fb last night, what’s the matter, is everything alright?’ Remember:

‘It’s from a website!’

‘It’s from a book!’

‘It’s from a song!’

‘It’s not from me.’

‘What website?’ – Sorry I forgot.

‘What book!?’ – A really obscure one that you probably haven’t heard of.

‘What song!?’ – Oh it’s just some lyrics my friend wrote.

The possibilities are endless. You can even frame them up to be something else entirely, it’s up to your imagination! Maybe a guide? Or even a repost of a guide which for some reason you forgot to cite? It’s up to you!

Alright good luck and sayonara!

That was totally not by me.

we the human race


we the human race.
waged wars since time immemorial.
we burnt and blazed, still we plunder and raze.
made a living off the dead; built careers off of fear.

if we have to, we kill.
when it comes to ourselves there’s never a lack of zeal.
and though they always say, ‘these wounds will heal.’
the scars are there for all to feel.

it’s inescapable what colour it is you have on your hair,
no one will miss that your skin is a little less fair,
and soon, the built up illusion of harmony will rend and tear,
and tear, and tear, and tear, and tear.
’til we realise, in truth, how much everyone actually cares,
cares about us.

they care about us,
whether we would cause harm to them;
they’ll stay a little further.

they care about us,
whether we would swindle and cheat them;
they’ll clutch their bags a little closer.

they care about us,
whether we are going to threaten them,
whether we are going to be an obstacle,
they care about us.

why would it matter if i’ve got darker skin?
why should it matter that i’ve got hair on my chin?
why does society think of me as a walking sin,
and forget that, ultimately, we’re all one kin?

why does everybody care what it is that i wear?
why can’t they accept that i live with a little flair?
why do we have to make life a living nightmare
when sometimes, all we need to do is care?

i cannot fathom for the life of me,
why society has to think such things of me.
label me, denounce me and treat me
as if i’m some creature that needs to be locked up with a key?

o, future where i long to be!
thy blissful days of jubilee!
are thou over the hills or across the sea!?
… will i live long enough to ever see thee?

we the human race…
why do we deface ourselves?

on the surface we may all seem nice,
but underneath we’re all full of knives.
we live in a state of lies;
what a sorry state of life.

musings on plagiarism.

so… i was busy plowing through papers today hoping to finish my dissertation. and as usual, my mind floats away from what’s important (i.e. the articles on my laptop screen) and onto the impending doom known as ‘footnoting’. ugh… UEGHHH.

personally, i’m not fond with how schools severely penalise or even outright fail students who do not cite, or fail to cite correctly. it irritates me when some teachers seem to believe that the ONLY LOGICAL CONCLUSION FOR NON-CITATION IS THAT YOU INTENDED TO COPY AND PASS IT OFF AS YOUR OWN WORK. HAH, CAUGHT YOU RED HANDED DIDN’T I?


no… sorry sir… i was just expressing my opinion, i wasn’t aware that someone else had previo-


no sir, really, i was just walking down the park that day when i thought abou-


granted, that was a caricature. there might be perfectly legitimate needs for citation; for one, it makes referencing a lot easier. there might be lazy good for nothings who truly copy and paste and hope to pass it off as their work; and other legitimately perfect legitimate reasons.

but… sigh. in this day and age where even thoughts have become some sort of property, we seemingly can no longer claim to individual, independent, and original thought half the time. every thought is viewed as a rehash or a derivative of a previous one. to the point where we no longer appreciate someone’s thoughts as much just because someone else had thought about it first.

ultimately i’m just venting over the unenviable tasks and, god-forbid, possible doomsday scenarios which follow. bah.

back to work.

p/s: this somewhat extends to my sentiments regarding patenting and copyrights too.