to arms

to arms

your lifelong works were for naught but disdain;

devoid of value, completely in vain.

and your dreams, they don’t matter anymore;

there is no place for pacifists in a war.


the sinner laments

in meekness, his soul desired;
in weakness, his flesh retired.
yet so easily, he set his soul on fire,
again succumbing to his fleshly desire,
bogging himself in this swampy mire.

despite the cognizance,
of the need for repentance,
he led a life of reluctance;
one which reeked of repugnance,
one in need of penitence.

‘ye almighty!’
he cried out in melancholy.
‘has this pitiful life sated your ennui?
a vile slave that’s chained to iniquity?’

this enmity,
was just another daft futility.
he came to terms with reality.


nothingness breathed into life; created.
to be our own gods; we rebelled.
from dust to dust; we were condemned.
an outpouring of grace; we were saved.

at the end of the pilgrimage of sanctification
lay the casket that ended all persecution
yet this resting place will not be my last;
and this beatific smile will merely be my first.

brought back to life;
we were arraigned.
acquitted of vice;
we were justified.

ignorance is bliss

and so it ended.
what was once the dragon
now frozen in place as a mountain.
its wings spread but incapable of flight.
its fangs bared but what could a statue bite?
its jaws locked in place, letting out a mighty roar;
a fearsome, inaudible roar.
nothing but a relic of the past.

commoners, they waddle along with their common lives;
tending to crops, feeding livestock and counting sheep.
they traverse the valley of yesteryear’s wars,
unaware of the past, unconcerned for the future.
lying on their backs,
watching the mountains from their wagons,
they were full of laughter and with reckless abandon;
blind to the underlying strife, deaf to the calls for caution.
life was peaceful, life was hopeful.
optimism absent from years gone by
was flowing freely and spiritedly in the air.
reality was good.

but what if…
just what if, this was the dream and reality was chaos?
could another war be on the horizon?
is this peace merely an ephemeral illusion?
how long til the dragon thaws and the villages once again burn?
perhaps these thoughts were always on their minds,
but on the surface no one cared;
they were content.

ignorance is bliss.

be yourself

be yourself,
cause no one’s gonna live for you.
be yourself,
cause someone’s out there looking for you.

it’s infinitely better than imploding within.
it heals your soul when it is wearing thin.

no one truly wants to be lonely.
let yourself out for the world to see.

be yourself,
because you have your own value.
be yourself,
because the world wants to see you.