to have less


i googled ’embracing the rain’.

the mid-day naps which invariably end abruptly with headache and listless sitting on the bed, accompanied with thoughts along the lines of:
‘what am i doing with my life?’

the immediate and uncontrolled urge to plug the holes in conversation known as ‘silence’ and speak things which have not received adequate thought in sobriety, culminating in the mind, as is always the case, a few moments later than it should have, as regretful sentiments of:
‘why did i say that?’

the need for security and avoidance of blame; as if by being uncertain and ignorant, the liabilities that far too often stem from a lusty desire to sound erudite can be absolved by prefacing with:
‘i don’t know, but i think…’

the brooding thoughts of enmity, the breeding ground of contempt; pride that wants us to stand tall indignantly when we should stoop down with humility and seek forgiveness and reconciliation; pride that gently whispers in our ears:
‘i deserve better than that.’

the moments of distrust in the things that have been revealed; the thoughts and senses which are still haunted by the spectres of old known as skepticism and cynicism, making them dull; causing the eyes to see but not perceive, the ears listen but not hear, and the mind to know but yet still struggle to believe, inadvertently disparaging His work with doubts of:
‘how can i possibly know?’


all these, i confess.

all these, i pray to have less.


this is i

There are times when vulnerability becomes strength.

Times when one lays it bare for all to see, not fearful of any retaliation, or any form of ridicule, exclaiming:

here i stand, here i am;
whatever you give, i will take.
so attack me if you will,
chase me up the hills
or throw me into a lake.
but this is who i truly am,
and this is where i’ll plant my flag.


An unmistakable show of character; a demonstration of unshakable resolve.

A stubbornness that is, if for a wrong cause, an incorrigible fault, but for the right one, a thunderous rallying cry that punches through the clouds of doubt.

enter sendmend


could it be?

the foundation of rock firmly laid on land
were actually pillars and pillars of sand?

for i am a lesser man,
i cannot do what my Lord can.
and now that i am down to my last,
i see olive branches are hard to extend.
we will all have to go where we must;
so now, the last die has been cast.

all things go from dust to dust;
will we last, or will we rust?

what a pun.

huehuehuehue. :B

^ is actually quite proud he thought of ‘enter’, ‘send’, and ‘mend’; that is, pressing enter to send a message that would (hopefully) mend the relationship.

lost and found

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sometimes they talk to you.

you don’t know what to say.

other times they ignore you.

you’ll feel like you’re in the way.


we were content to be lost in mazes

and let hearts be locked in cages.

until the faces we had been seeing for ages

became strangers only vaguely known from pages.


when every single step forward

is first preceded by two backwards.

i am no good with words:-

all i am is awkward.


like daybreak

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somewhere, right now, the sun is shining radiantly.

and in another place, it may have just begun to set.

it’s in the middle of the night here,

but soon we enter the blue hours,

where the dark eastern skies will begin to brighten.

from black to navy, then purple, before the azure sky finally hints at its advent.

gradually the sky will turn increasingly bright and blue,

but still, there is no sign of light.

because the sun has not yet risen, it is still dark.

yet, as long as the night seems,

and as dark as the skies may be,

no one sees this blue and really doubts that morning will come.

this is what that person is like:-

the morning sun at the break of dawn.

unfailing and inexorable.

inspired by Coppelia’s speech in log horizon s2e14