its knot heart


i googled: ‘knot heart’

to find a smile  because  it just seemed
perfectly befitting of  you , whether red or pale;
the hesitation in your words  are  your warm, hearty thoughts;
a  clumsy kind of  beautiful , careful and real.

and i’m just a fool.

read your own advice.



tomato red


i googled: ‘tomato red’

keep being afraid
of the things you have done and said;
of their consequences, and of their weight.
sweet and lovely is the image you cherish to bed;
lingering vividly in your thoughts: the tomato, red.
but don’t let your mind wander too far ahead
when nothing has yet to even come to a head.

should it happen, give thanks to God’s appointed fate,
should it not, still give thanks – don’t hang low your head.
for the Lord knows what’s best for you.
as shown in all that is past, and in time, all that was once new.
He knows better every colour and every hue
of the heart and mind you always thought you knew.
who’s to say if the words too few
or the peaks and troughs you at times feel
are not but shards of the chalice He has planned for you?

“Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me:
nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”
let be sober over sense of feeling, lest be blinded and not see;
let be loving, heart to feel, lest be selfish and come undone.


this is i

There are times when vulnerability becomes strength.

Times when one lays it bare for all to see, not fearful of any retaliation, or any form of ridicule, exclaiming:

here i stand, here i am;
whatever you give, i will take.
so attack me if you will,
chase me up the hills
or throw me into a lake.
but this is who i truly am,
and this is where i’ll plant my flag.


An unmistakable show of character; a demonstration of unshakable resolve.

A stubbornness that is, if for a wrong cause, an incorrigible fault, but for the right one, a thunderous rallying cry that punches through the clouds of doubt.

enter sendmend


could it be?

the foundation of rock firmly laid on land
were actually pillars and pillars of sand?

for i am a lesser man,
i cannot do what my Lord can.
and now that i am down to my last,
i see olive branches are hard to extend.
we will all have to go where we must;
so now, the last die has been cast.

all things go from dust to dust;
will we last, or will we rust?

what a pun.

huehuehuehue. :B

^ is actually quite proud he thought of ‘enter’, ‘send’, and ‘mend’; that is, pressing enter to send a message that would (hopefully) mend the relationship.


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i’ve been hit by a hurricane.
my only memories were that of pain
and the slightest, faintest taste of rain.

i’ve been thrown up into the sky.
the only thought on my mind was ‘why?’
i was a bird that forgot to fly.

i’ve been swept away by the gale.
my lungs fail! a voiceless wail!
a silent cadence to end this tale.

i’ve been standing in the eye of the storm.
obliviously, i basked in the calm.
yet as it all ends, i stand unusually calm.
for few have seen the beauty of a storm.

i’ve been hit by a hurricane.
my last memories were not that of pain
but the slightly pleasant taste of rain.

the thief of time

here rests the thief of time.
he sought every single dollar and dime;
perennially procrastinating and delaying,
perpetually doing some other thing.

‘i’ve still got time!’ he always thinks,
unaware of all chrono-spacial links.
‘i won’t need forty minutes to get there;
half that time i can spend elsewhere!’

one thing led to another;
the dominoes toppled down further.
overestimating becomes habit thereafter;
whilst misjudging value becomes character.

‘ah i needed forty minutes after all;
hey why isn’t anyone else at the hall?‘
watch the clock let out a ring;
the butterfly effect is in full swing.

tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow;
it’s the oft-trodden path of sorrow.
don’t bite the bait;
time does not wait.

here rests the thief of time,
his whole life a mere pantomime.
the glaring regret on his epitaph:
‘i wish i walked down a different path.’