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i’ve been hit by a hurricane.
my only memories were that of pain
and the slightest, faintest taste of rain.

i’ve been thrown up into the sky.
the only thought on my mind was ‘why?’
i was a bird that forgot to fly.

i’ve been swept away by the gale.
my lungs fail! a voiceless wail!
a silent cadence to end this tale.

i’ve been standing in the eye of the storm.
obliviously, i basked in the calm.
yet as it all ends, i stand unusually calm.
for few have seen the beauty of a storm.

i’ve been hit by a hurricane.
my last memories were not that of pain
but the slightly pleasant taste of rain.


without hindrance

‘sweetheart my darling, let’s just run away from all of this. i love you and i would flee with you in a moment’s notice. i am devoted to you.’

‘apple of my eye, Talitha. i love you more than the poems can say or the arias can sing. yet i tell you: do not be devoted to me, instead be devoted to God; for i cannot save you, but He already has.’

be yourself

be yourself,
cause no one’s gonna live for you.
be yourself,
cause someone’s out there looking for you.

it’s infinitely better than imploding within.
it heals your soul when it is wearing thin.

no one truly wants to be lonely.
let yourself out for the world to see.

be yourself,
because you have your own value.
be yourself,
because the world wants to see you.

the summer days

it was always summer where I lived.
sometimes, the heat can get unbearable,
why oh why, spring, did you have to leave?
nevertheless, I always found comfort in warmth so tangible.

a loud jolt from my mobile disrupts my nap,
tidings of nothing but the smallest, littlest, silliest things.
uncharacteristically, I wake with a spring in my step; t
hat season, I had wings.

but now winter rages over my hut;
where Summer exists only in the heart.
the Autumn I prayed for never came.
… and even now I feel the same.

Summer was the season where I grew,
Summer was the season where I learnt;
Summer was the brightest season of my life,
thank you for being the Summer of my youth.

i know, i lament;
but my heart is not ready to relent.

It’s still summer where I live.