moonlight over our homes

lights dimmed, and toothbrush in hand,
i was alone and ready to slumber.
i was lonely; it was only october,
“will i really be okay ’til next september?”

loud noises seep in from the streets.
i peer out of the window to see:
the usual suspects –
half-sober students giddily making their way home,
some drunkards rowdy in their delirium;
loud shouting over phones;
and… the moon.

round and radiant and full of vigor.
i suddenly remembered it was mid-autumn.
for longer than a while, i gazed at the sky.
the moon waxed as my loneliness waned.
where wolves would howl, i smiled.
for i knew, on the other side of the world, back at home,
you were gazing at the same moon, just seven hours earlier.



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