sunshine after rain2

there once was sunshine.

but the sun hid her face and was not seen again.

then, it rained.

without ceasing, it rained.

every day for a week, it rained.

sometimes more, sometimes less.

until the sun finally peeked out from over the clouds.

shifting her eyes, she shyly scanned the earth;

as if checking if it was okay for her to come out now;

as if wondering if anybody missed her at all.

her peeping was met by his gazing,

from under an umbrella, on a raincoat.

there was no averting his eyes;

there was no way to retreat.

she had lost – she was found.

he cleared her doubts,

dispersed her clouds.

and her radiance poured out.

in one eternal moment,

he had her disarmed,

and she had him enthralled.

no need to overthink.


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