little woman full of fear; little woman full of love

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i know a little woman full of fear.
her shoulders were not so broad
and she was often overawed
by the little things which she held dear.

but what she had was a heart of gold;
the kind which was the envy of every soul;
the kind which kept a family whole.

to clothe us in warmth she burned herself;
for our comfort she waged her health.

she is dawn’s first ray after the longest night;
in complete darkness our guiding light;
doing her human best to teach us right.

she is the shore where land meets sea;
no matter how violently the sea waves crashed ashore,
she embraced them tenderly all the same.

 i know this little woman full of love;
forgive me my mother; i love you.

Happy Mother’s Day to mother’s everywhere. : )

To the children:
She has been, is and will be your mother all the days; from when you were birthed into the world, to the day you are returned to the earth. While man-made occasions like this serve as a helpful reminder for us to be grateful and thankful (as well as a reason for celebration!), I hope you will take it to heart to love them no less on the ordinary days, and on days which are less than ordinary.

And to my own mother:
Forgive me for being ungrateful.
I love you.


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