dear muse:

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and there it was again.

the strange sentiment comprising of awe and fear
mixed into one uncomfortable bulk
that beats repeatedly in my chest,
like a chimera of emotions pouncing;
ready to take over my mind,
as i read on and on and
learned a little more
about her.

for mere minutes i marveled at
her prowess of bending words to her will;
yet for hours i found myself wondering about
the gears on which her mind ran.
i adore them; they intimidate me,
and i wonder if they would continue
haunting my thoughts daily so.

there’s probably no mistake:
i find her attractive.

but my past blunders remind me
just how fickle and prone to folly i can be.

she is one i will continue observing,
with guarded heart and careful smiling.
with cold feet and heart-a-thumping.

Seriously I don’t know if these can be classified as poems…

The timing of my last two poems are unfortunate, considering their contrasting contents. This one’s freshly written, the previous one is an old draft that was finally refined enough to be posted today.


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