haiku 6 + mini blog + upcoming plans

Hakone, Japan. Click for source.

i walked past the gates
and found myself in a new world:-
untamed; beautiful.

Can’t wait to visit Japan!

This is what they call a ‘Torii’, a gate-like structure that is ubiquitous with the Shinto religion. The kanji (鳥居) literally translates to ‘Bird Dwelling’, no idea why. Nonetheless, it marks the transition from the profane to the sacred in the Shinto religion, and is an apt imagery for the message I was attempting to relay in this haiku: human beings, due to human nature, have, intentionally or not, inadvertently profaned the world we live in, and the ‘author’ marvels at the beauty of a world untouched and unpolluted by human desire.

War aside, I have always found Japanese culture rather fascinating.  Perhaps years of watching anime might have had a profound effect hahahahah! 😀

As an aside, I’ve began working on writing a story. If I am disciplined enough, it might eventually turn into a novel, but for now, you might see chapters of the story sprout up here and there with no real chronological order behind it; I will just write whatever I think of as a world building exercise, and hopefully, eventually I will be able to piece them together to form something cohesive!

Stay tuned.


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