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if from this road i ever this stray,

would you be out there searching for me?

would it be a brilliant warming ray,

or a weeping downcast over me?


silly boy, wherever you go there i’ll be.

it may take a while, but i will find you.

when you’re lost, i’ll help you find your way.

even if you lose it all, we’ll just start anew.

and when you grow old and your hairs turn gray,

look beside you;

unfailingly, there i’ll be.


I’m gonna experiment with an ‘Author’s Interpretation’ section following my poems. They will be in white font, so you’ll need to highlight them to see.

Please give me some feedback as to whether it’s helpful!



The spark that set off this poem was the first line from Angus & Julia Stone’s ‘Get Home’:

If I ever, ever did stray
Would you come back
Come back to me?

I imagined a scenario where a man stands at (figurative) crossroads, where any decision he makes (and he must make one) will have huge repercussions on his life. He muses whether his adored one would follow him, or if the path is one he must walk alone. The rest should be pretty straightforward. :B


p/s: you may also request for me to write an Author’s Interpretation (AI) for any of my previous works.


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