like daybreak

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somewhere, right now, the sun is shining radiantly.

and in another place, it may have just begun to set.

it’s in the middle of the night here,

but soon we enter the blue hours,

where the dark eastern skies will begin to brighten.

from black to navy, then purple, before the azure sky finally hints at its advent.

gradually the sky will turn increasingly bright and blue,

but still, there is no sign of light.

because the sun has not yet risen, it is still dark.

yet, as long as the night seems,

and as dark as the skies may be,

no one sees this blue and really doubts that morning will come.

this is what that person is like:-

the morning sun at the break of dawn.

unfailing and inexorable.

inspired by Coppelia’s speech in log horizon s2e14


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