i feel more lively in my dreams.

I used to hate sleeping because I thought, but for its mandatory nature, it was a waste of time.

‘Ah! If only man did not need to sleep!’ I thought. We could be so much more productive – I could read more; I could spend more time honing my skills; I’d have more time to study; we could hang out with friends more.

I mean, what do we even know about our need to sleep anyway? We all sleep, and we all know human beings need to sleep, and not just to replenish our energy too, but to survive; we’d die if we haven’t slept for an extremely prolonged duration.

If only we could all stay awake without sleeping eh? That’d be nice.

Nowadays I’m starting to think sleeping isn’t all that bad after all.

The hours go by faster. I won’t have to spend as much time awake, being tired.

Won’t have to be such a misery.


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